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Physicians Who Have Had The ARTAS® Procedure

Dr. William D. Yates – ARTAS Physician

“I wouldn’t have a strip surgery even if it’s free. I would never have another strip personally and I have had strip and ARTAS procedures done on myself.”

Dr. Robert Leonard – ARTAS Physician

“What better of a testimonial can I give about the benefits of an ARTAS Robotic hair transplant than having it performed on me? I recently had my hairline lowered using ARTAS with fantastic results!  Now, I’m not only a hair restoration surgeon, but a transplant patient as well!”

Dr. Omeed M. Memar – ARTAS Physician

“I integrated the ARTAS system into my practice, only after I had it done on me. It was so different and so much less stressful than when I had a strip technique… so much less painful.”

Jim McCollum’s Personal ARTAS Story

Restoration Robotics CEO Jim McCollum's Personal ARTAS Story Video

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ARTAS Patients Share Their Hair Transplant Experience


“I had an awful strip surgery when I was younger. Comparing the ARTAS procedure to strip surgery is like comparing day and night; my experience was so much better and far more comfortable. I didn’t have to deal with any pain.”


“Deciding to have a hair transplant was the toughest decision I’ve ever made. My physician was very informative and put all my worries at ease. I look back at the “old” me and can’t believe that it took me so long to make the decision. I feel like a new person.”


prefers the ARTAS Procedure to Strip Excision Surgery

Watch Vincent’s story comparing his strip surgery to the ARTAS Robotic Procedure


wanted a permanent solution that looked natural

Watch Jeff’s story about why he chose the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System

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